TryHackMe – New Learning Path : Pre Security

What is the Pre Security path?

Learn the pre-requisite technical knowledge to get started in cyber security. To attack or defend any technology, you to first learn how this technology works.

The Pre-Security learning path is a beginner friendly & fun way to learn the basics.


What will we learn? 

  • Cyber security basics
  • Networking basics and weaknesses
  • The web and common attacks
  • Learn to use the Linux operating system

And get your certificate of completion !! 


And after…..? Keep learning with other Path 

Subsequently, you will find a wide choice of learning with 5 main paths :

  • Security offensive (red team) link
  • Defensive security (blue team) link
  • Web fundamental (bug bounty) link
  • Comptia Pentest + (and get 10% discount on certification exam ) link
  • Complete beginner path link