How to Broken Access Control – Neighbour – THM – Write-Up En

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Neigbhour from Tryhackme, is a very simple CTF, ideal to learn simply the “Broken Access Control” flaw, TOP 1 OWASP 2021.


Here, it is not necessary to make an enumeration as for a classic CTF. You have to go directly to the web page on port 80

Accès site web 

It is possible to use a guest account to access the website. You have to go to the source code of the page to get the password. ( Ctrl+U)



With the guest/guest credentials, you can access this page.


As the URL of the site tells us that we are connected with the guest user. (user=guest)

It is probably possible to put another username. Still need to know it.

If we look in the source code of the page, we can see a note concerning the Admin account.

<!– admin account could be vulnerable, need to update –>

Get the Flag !!!

Now that the account name is known, you must replace guest with admin in the URL.

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